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Olivia Newton John, One of The World's Most Beautiful Women.


Multi Faceted, and Extreme Beauty

There's no doubt in my mind about this, Olivia Newton John is one of the most excellent examples of beauty in the world during my time.  Not only is Olivia a beaming, smiling, beautiful woman, she's a beautiful and talented actress, and has one of the most beautiful female singing voices in the history of recorded music.

Let Me Be There.

With John Travolta, and Friends!

Olivia Newton John!

If you are looking for stories about how I loved the film "Grease" as a child, and lusted always for blond Olivia, go away, you're in the wrong place. I have no such stories to tell. I had no such infatuation then, and though I like the movie "Grease" , I've not seen any of it, save the Summer Love video featured here, in years. I do have an Olivia story though, and no, I've never seen the woman in my life; but here you go.
In 2006 I was living in a Discipleship ministry in Desoto, Texas; and working for a criminal who was a multi millionaire, and who laundered money for the government of the United States of America, imported cocaine from Peru, and now sells arms overseas for the C.I.A. I bought and sold commercial trucks and trailers for the guy, and there were then three other individuals, two men, and one woman; that worked with me there. There were other employees, of course, but the others that I shall speak of were ministry/drug rehab folk like myself. Now, it might be hard for you to fathom, but I'd keys to pretty much every vehicle that the ministry owned, and I was often the driver for a rather large group of men and women there, and so, I wound up with the keys to the millionaire's nice turbo diesel extended cab Texas Ford truck; and I drove the group of four employees to work and back every day.
There was an older Black man, and he was still very much into hip hop, and there was a younger white guy, and for all the world he thought that he was really a black guy, and there was a 40 something blond woman. I'd orchestrated a deal to where control of the radio went to me on either the morning trip, or the trip home; but I reserved the right to turn up or down the radio, I was the effin' driver, for God's sake. So anyways, one morning we're driving down I 35 into Dallas, Texas; and I've got the radio set to classic rock, and a song came on that I'd not heard in so long that it only existed somewhere in the back of my consciousness, and that song was Let Me Be There . Hearing that supremely beautiful voice, the uplifting message and joyfulness of it all changed my entire day, the other men . . .perhaps sensing the vibe, just remained silent, and me and the older blonde woman, who, no doubt, had grown up with the music of Olivia Newton John; we both enjoyed it so thoroughly that I'd felt that she and I, the woman, were forever connected in some weird psychic way after that.

Olivia Newton John - If You Love Me Let Me Know.

The Life Of Olivia

Born in Cambridge, England to a Welsh father and an Ashkenazi "Jewish" mother, Olivia was the grand daughter of Max Born, the Nobel prize winning atomic physicist. Now, I'd never have guessed that bit of knowledge; God bless Wikipedia, right? Want more? Olivia's father was in the MI 5, and he'd personally taken the insane Rudolph Hess into custody, when he'd made his bizarre flight to England during the second world war. I've no idea how she wound up in Australia, look it up yourself; I'm just the guy that's infatuated with that smile from the 70's, and that crystalline voice.
I have to admit it, despite how attractive I find the Olivia Newton John circa 70's model, I see that smile, and I think to myself, "here is a woman who's had everything that there has ever been to have in this world, and she'd have it offered to her for nothing more than a smile."
I hate that shit, and I dislike that she looks so smug, and confident; and that she truly had the whole world in the palm of her hand then. Maybe I'm jealous, eh? I'll tell you the truth, she could smile at me today, and sing me a line; and I'd probably declare her the goddess of the universe. I'm just weak like that sometimes.
But Olivia is more than that, she's a survivor of breast cancer, and breast cancer is my least favorite form of cancer.  If you weren't born loving breasts, I feel very sorry for you; I'd imagine that breast cancer is the world's most hated cancer.  I have no favorite cancer, really, I hate them all; but such is life, and if you live long enough, nothing will grow in your body but hair, ear lobes, your nose, and cancer. Will you survive it? Olivia has, and she, and her beauty are still with us, catch it if you can.

Magic (recent)

Magic (1980)

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