Monday, November 28, 2011


You know, I'm nowhere near alone in my fascination of red headed women.  In fact, I'm finding that the fascination is somewhat common.  I'd imagine that lots of it comes from the old saying

Red on the head equals fire in the bed.

We the living are often driven by primal urges and desires or instincts on many levels.  It's that way for a reason, probably a great many reasons.

Oh I could tell you about the sad sad tale of how I seemingly drove away this beautiful red headed eighteen year old beauty while merely trying to give a speech in my community college speech class.  We'd been assigned an autobiographical speech for our first one, and I was certainly nervous about that.  I'm not a stand in front of the public and talk least not unless it be spontaneous.

The red headed beauty didn't like my speech, and how the hell was I to know that ....she thought it important?  I thought the damned speech was a grade in a class, not some determining factor in whether or not I should enjoy the graces of an extremely beautiful young woman that always sat next to me and wanted to talk to me about everything....up until the auto biographical speech, that is.

But whatever.  I'll be a healthy young man until I'm sixty, I suppose.  At least that's my plan.  Let's enjoy the visual beauty of some red heads that shan't stomp out of class, never to return.

This lovely woman might be a bit youngish.  Hey, was I not just talking about an 18 year old in a community college?  Oh just arrest me for the thought crime of it.  I shall not attempt to take any thoughts back.

Probably closer to my age, and who was it that ever thought that women become less beautiful with age?

Think of some Northern climate in Europe thousands of years ago, and before Christendom ruined the scenery.

It's a fact that these pictures are not mine and that I was sort  of gifted the link from which they came by an old comrade of sorts on some social networking federal surveillance site.  I shall grant unto thee the original source of these stunning images simply because it's the right thing to do.

But of course femininity and beauty are best served up by women, this is, however, my little visual and still classy treat; and there's so much more that is available that it would be unfair of me to only share what I'd originally seen on Facebook.
Models models and more models.  Being a model doesn't necessarily mean you're so beautiful, and though modeled photos are great......I think I prefer non modeled shots, or at least pictures that don't look like they were so planned and dressed for.  Does that make sense?  I hope so, because natural is ...natural.

And isn't she every bit as beautiful as the women in the modeled shot?  I think she is, and she looks like she's on her way to school, or to a sort of job where she can just be super cool all day.  We don't have to see all the skin to know that someone is gorgeous.

If you've been either looking at or reading the what here - then you're either a stalker of mine or, more likely, a fan of female beauty, and you also like red heads.

Redheads have some fan pages, and here's the Facbook one:
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