Monday, November 28, 2011


You know, I'm nowhere near alone in my fascination of red headed women.  In fact, I'm finding that the fascination is somewhat common.  I'd imagine that lots of it comes from the old saying

Red on the head equals fire in the bed.

We the living are often driven by primal urges and desires or instincts on many levels.  It's that way for a reason, probably a great many reasons.

Oh I could tell you about the sad sad tale of how I seemingly drove away this beautiful red headed eighteen year old beauty while merely trying to give a speech in my community college speech class.  We'd been assigned an autobiographical speech for our first one, and I was certainly nervous about that.  I'm not a stand in front of the public and talk least not unless it be spontaneous.

The red headed beauty didn't like my speech, and how the hell was I to know that ....she thought it important?  I thought the damned speech was a grade in a class, not some determining factor in whether or not I should enjoy the graces of an extremely beautiful young woman that always sat next to me and wanted to talk to me about everything....up until the auto biographical speech, that is.

But whatever.  I'll be a healthy young man until I'm sixty, I suppose.  At least that's my plan.  Let's enjoy the visual beauty of some red heads that shan't stomp out of class, never to return.

This lovely woman might be a bit youngish.  Hey, was I not just talking about an 18 year old in a community college?  Oh just arrest me for the thought crime of it.  I shall not attempt to take any thoughts back.

Probably closer to my age, and who was it that ever thought that women become less beautiful with age?

Think of some Northern climate in Europe thousands of years ago, and before Christendom ruined the scenery.

It's a fact that these pictures are not mine and that I was sort  of gifted the link from which they came by an old comrade of sorts on some social networking federal surveillance site.  I shall grant unto thee the original source of these stunning images simply because it's the right thing to do.

But of course femininity and beauty are best served up by women, this is, however, my little visual and still classy treat; and there's so much more that is available that it would be unfair of me to only share what I'd originally seen on Facebook.
Models models and more models.  Being a model doesn't necessarily mean you're so beautiful, and though modeled photos are great......I think I prefer non modeled shots, or at least pictures that don't look like they were so planned and dressed for.  Does that make sense?  I hope so, because natural is ...natural.

And isn't she every bit as beautiful as the women in the modeled shot?  I think she is, and she looks like she's on her way to school, or to a sort of job where she can just be super cool all day.  We don't have to see all the skin to know that someone is gorgeous.

If you've been either looking at or reading the what here - then you're either a stalker of mine or, more likely, a fan of female beauty, and you also like red heads.

Redheads have some fan pages, and here's the Facbook one:
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Female Beauty...Some Thoughts.

Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and the shape of a woman, in it's many varieties, has been a source of inspiration for all throughout the ages. I do not wish to live in a world where such things are not appreciated. I only wish that I were the only one with such an appreciation, and that all other men that walk the Earth were Eunuchs. Sorry, guys, off with your huevos! David Rockefeller is well known to be very concerned with the Earth's "excess population," and he and friend Rothschild own this planet, and I'm certain that they'd be happy to arrange to surgically assist you in an environment where nonsocomial infections for your surgical and sexual release will be at a minimum.
Before I go any further with my ramble here, I should say that all written content here was inspired by a wonderful hub artist named Elefanza, and the link below: That is NOT to say or mean that Elefanza is in any way responsible for the WTS drivel, nonsense, porn, or anything else that you don't like. I only like smart people and attractive women, even the dumb ones, so long as they aren't speaking. I even like dumb people of any variety, so long as they aren't rich, or think that they know things that they do not. I think Richard Dawkins is pretty dumb, really, despite the two good things he's done for the world; I don't find him very attractive though - even when he's not speaking; but hopefully you get the idea.

Elefanza is a great writer with a fine sense of humor, and she's a great person to call a friend, and most certainly she is a beautiful woman, but get over it, guys, she's married. Read Elefanza hubs, and you'll certainly be the better for having done so.

Beauty In a Corrupt Media.

My God, if you've not picked up on it yet, you're daft, my man, slap yourself in the face, and slap your mother while you're at it. Mass media in the United States of America is a far more corrupt, harmful, and dishonest ethnically monopolized institution than the Taliban. Doubt this? You've flipped a sproket in the Jetson's sproket factory, my man. Call quality control, and fix your fucking head. I can really never say enough how important it is for your own well being to never watch television, or let mass media influence your thinking in any way. The very best thing that you could possibly do in this, the most perfect of all possible worlds, is put a hammer through your television screen, and cancel any or all magazine or newspaper subscriptions. It's a racket, and if you are interested I can tell you everything you need to know about the ethnically monopolized mass media moguls, and what their actual plans for your life are. None of those plans regard your well being in the least, and they for gosh dang sure do not regard the lives of any woman that you know. Women might actually be the biggest targets of mass media mental desecration in this country, and indeed, this most perfect of all possible worlds.
Hey, Kate Moss IS cute, but if she were going out with me, it's nothing but cheesburger dates for her until she's got some meat on her bones, and she ought to drop that smack habit like a hot potato, let the potato cool enough to pick it up, slap some cheese on that bitch and eat it too.

Rap and Hip Hop Culture.

When I think about pop culture, and I try not to for my own sake, I'm always acutely drawn to that indefinable date in which Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Ashkenazi associates decided that America's youth should be tired of "white" rock n roll music and other cultural extensions by association, and decided that it would be more beneficial to the Zionism and false utopia cause to promote "Black" hip hop and rap culture, and other items by association, instead. This pop culture paradigm shift occurred while I was still in high school in Kaufman, Texas; and with it, we saw every last local blond bimbo deciding to date black males, mostly for the purpose of infuriating their fathers, and because they were programmed to do so via Bronfman Ashkenazi Mass Media Inc. and associates. Now, you should not think that I give a flying giraffe who whoever dates or has sex with. I simply do not care should you be the odd mofo that only copulates with three legged giant aboriginals from Madagascar. What I'm saying here is that, besides the obvious, that I hate mass media manipulations of social constructs, well, really, that was it.
So you think that the glamorization of "thug life" via the mass media program that popularized rap and hip hop was good for Blacks, do you? You're mistaken, and I'll tell you why. That program, very effective as it may be, is no more than the shameful jail house bone thrown to the late WWII Native American U.S. hero, Ira Hayes, as he raised the flag and lowered it. It's altogether racist and shameful in it's constructs and effects. What it is in a positive light, however, is an example of how "Black" culture was NOT influenced by the skeletal female form as "beautiful" model that is sold like a product in the mainstream media. I'd ferg me some fergie any day of the week. My sista resista is on the fritz as well.
I often scream this loud and proud; and some night you just might hear me.


Now, I Don't Know About You, But. . . . .

Is it me, or do the women in the Black Eyed Peas video all look spectacular? Sure, you could say that they are somewhat thin, but to me they all look very healthy. Special runner up in this amazing segment of intellectual transcendence is my spiritual guide, Gorilla Zoe; and in his wonderful anthem "Hood Niqqa," he so proudly exclaims concerning the type of female that we wise men prefer,

The Late Karen Lancaume, or Karen Bach (R.I.P.)

Karen Lancaume, aka Karen Bach.

If you do not know who the late Karen Lancaume is, then be introduced. Once, while laying on the couch with the box of tissues while in therapy, my therapist got excited and exclaimed.
By Jove, I've got it! You're a very sick mofo with a bizarre infatuation with a deceased French Porn Star!
That's why those guys get paid the big bucks, cause they shine with the brightness of a thousand intellectual stars when viewed through the Hubble telescope.
The Late Miss Lancaume was so much more than just an adult film star; she was the adult film star that dared to be a crossover film star, but only in Europe where people don't have to deal with American idiocy concerning sexuality. Yes, she took her own life deliberately; yes, I seem to NOT be able to be fixated on either her or Karen Carpenter; depending on whether or not I'm listening to music, or watching skin flicks. It is what it is; and besides, is you is, or is you ain't my constituency? Yes, thanks to the amazing tube sites on the net, I pick up tracking cookies by the truckload, and I've most likely seen every Karen Lancaume scene dozens of times. I'll see them all a few hundred dozens more times should I have it my way. Of course if I were to truly have things my way, then I'd have a time machine, or teleportal to France in the early years of the 2000's, or I'd have had Ms. Lancaume cloned already. I just find her THAT attractive. It's something about her looks, and probably some serious psychological defects concerning my mental makeup. Whatever.
For her films, I'd recommend Baise Moi , and all of it's controversy; and the very sad Escape From Albania .  Seriously, be warned; these are not just adult films, but films that contain graphic sex scenes including, but not limited to. . . .things that happen in the real world. 'nuff said.

Beautiful Women In Ancient Cultures

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is never more true than seen over time and between different cultures. Over time, our concept of beauty seems to fluctuate, particularly concerning people, sometimes favoring rather heavy individuals and at other times very skinny ones. In different cultures, parts of the body may be purposefully exaggerated in the name of beauty, the effects of which might even seem grotesque to those of another culture. For example, various tribes throughout the world use different methods to lengthen necks, exaggerate mouths, ears and even the shape of the head.
In ancient Egypt, beautiful women seem to most often hold the same physical form as they do in the ideals of today's American or European, or otherwise "Western" culture. I even read that beauty was possibly an even more important ideal for the ancient Egyptian culture than it is in today's Western culture. The appreciation of beauty was, to the Egyptians of old, something that held civilization together. The lack of appreciation for the beautiful was associated with the wild, and uncivilized cultures elsewhere.
In ancient Greece, nude men seemed to be venerated over the more lovely female form as a rule. I won't comment to much on that except to say that should you look, you'll find nude male forms everywhere, and covered or clothed female forms. This is very odd, as Greek women are as beautiful or more so than any in the world, and I'm sure that they were then as they are now.
Xishi (497 BC) was a legendary beauty of ancient China. She has been described as "equally charming in both heavy and light makeup", "as appealing when she frowns as when she smiles". Of her figure it has been said that
"were she plump, you would admire her plumpness, were she thin you would admire her for being slender"
. She is celebrated as a woman of extraordinary natural beauty with a universal appeal. Although many have praised Xishi's looks, there is but little mention of her notable virtue - she had a great love for her country and her people.
In Rome during the time that Julius Caesar and his amazing Legions stalked the world from North Africa, to Spain, and all the way across France and into England beautiful women were venerated and celebrated. They did NOT have the same status as men did, however, and could not hold public offices. Often times men like Caesar married for political alliance, as he'd married into the Sulla family, despite that Sulla had led a civil war in Rome against Caesar's powerful Uncle Marius, and won.  Also, Caesar's daughter was married to old Pompey the Great, who, of course, was a former Triumvirate member; and led yet another Roman civil war against Caesar himself.  I can't help but think that Cleopatra, who I'm certain looked nothing like Liz Taylor, challenged the ideals of all the men in Rome; as she was considered a goddess, and not merely a political or military leader.
Okay, after fighting the hubpages and Google content filters with this hub all day long, I'm finally saying, "these content filters are obviously beyond ridiculous.." Not everything I do here is about money, and that should be obvious already. I fail to see anything objectionable here, but please let me know just what it is that YOU find objectionable, specifically. I do not play games. Suffice it to say that all cultures are filled with ethnic beauty concerning women, and much more.
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